Thursday 22 August 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Review

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Review

Anyone who has spent more than ten minutes looking in beauty halls will be aware of how beautifully stunning these lipsticks are. And, to be honest, it is mainly the beautiful packaging that enticed me (or rather enticed me to entice my boyfriend) to part with £24. 
I have the shade 17 Rose In Tension. I decided that if I was going to own one of these lipsticks, I wanted something special that i knew I would wear. I'm not a girl who loves nudes, but I am a girl who loves a red lip. So, I chose this colour, which I call my grown up red. It's not as bright as my other red lipsticks, but I love that about it. 

Now for the quality of the actual lipstick. I would say, the lasting power of this lipstick is somewhere between a MAC cream sheen and matte finish. It's not incredible considering how much they cost, but I find that if I apply a small amount, blot it, then apply it again, it can last a good 2-3 hours, which in my book is quite respectable! I have seen reviews that say this has worn off in ten minutes, but for me, thankfully, I haven't found this.

I can't lie and admit that the packaging for this isn't the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Every time I remember I have this lipstick, I let out a little inner excited squeal! It really is stunning. It is definitely a lipstick I save for special occasions rather than everyday use of a night out(as I am scared I'll lose it in my slightly tipsy state!) Also, as you all probably already know, it smells like watermelons, mmmm...

So, overall, despite the hefty price tag, I would say if you are looking into getting one of these lipstick, do it! Make sure you pick a colour you know you will wear though! And, if you want to make it seem even more special, just save it for special occasions :) 

I would really like to try the YSL glossy stains next, but I think I might look into the Loreal dupe first, and parting with over £20 for a lip product is SO hard!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick
Rating: 8/10
 Hope this review helped a few of you decide whether to take the plunge on this lipstick! Do any of you own one already and love/hate it? 


  1. i really love the colour but i just can't afford it haha

    also, i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment with a mac lipstick of your choice up for grabs so be sure to check it out! UK only though!

    katy x


    1. its definitely a splurge! haha! thanks, ill take a look :)
      kelly x