Thursday 1 August 2013

Products Worth The Hype

Products Worth The Hype

After yesterday's downer post about products I regret buying, I thought I would hype up some of my favourite products. I chose 5, because I did not want this to go on forever. I could have chosen many more, but these are some of the products a lot of bloggers/youtubers love, that I have loved too...

Breakfast Scrub, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Effaclar Duo (that got covered in nail varnish), MAC Soft and Gentle, LM Silk Creme Foundation
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - £13
I don't have brilliant skin. I made it my new years resolution to remove all make up every night and have a proper skin care routine. Whilst I don't have the most complicated or high end routine, I have for once stuck to a NY resolution! WOO! Part of my routine is the effaclar duo, which has helped so much. This really is incredible. I just put it on my chin at night and before I do my make up in the morning, as my chin is my problem area. My scarring from spots has died down, and I now get the odd sore spot, but nothing near like my skin used to be. I have had compliments from friends commenting on how much better it looks. I put this entirely down to this incredible product.

Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub - £8
A while ago, Essie Button included this in her favourite, and a snip of her eating it out of the fridge. From then on, everytime I was in boots i would smell this. A few months ago, I finally bought it and OMG its the best smell you can ever smell. Its like honey and sugar and yum. And it leaves you with lovely soft yummy smelling skin :)

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - £33
I had wanted this for a while when I finally bought it. In MAC I was colour matched to an NW15. That was still slightly too dark for me. But I have found that the lightest LM shade, soft ivory, is the first foundation I have tried that is actually my colour. It looks gorgeous, you get a nice glow in the right places, without looking sweaty. It stays put pretty much all day, I just powder my chin and forehead maybe once during the day. It is however, very expensive, at £33 :(

MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish - £22
I just realized how expensive this was! Oh dear! But it really is worth it. Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) LOVES this, therefore i came to the conclusion I
would too. And I do. I use it everyday, and have even discovered it works nicely as an eye shadow, which saves a bit of space in your make up bag.

MAC Paint Pot - Bare Study & Eclair - £15
These are beautiful both as an eye shadow base and on their own. I wear one of them pretty much every day, and I love how they make eye shadow last so much longer, and look so much more intense. I have reasonably oily eye lids, so some sort of base to my eye shadow is a must, and these ones are definitely the best I have tried.

I hope this post has helped you guys. I don't want to be an enabler, but if you are umming and ahhing over one of these products, just do it. ;)



  1. It was lovely reading this :D I was just in the middle of writing a review for the Effaclat duo hehe. It's great that it worked for you though because i find that it didn't really do much for my skin~ booo. Oh well :D I need to try the silk creme foundation too from LM~ heard great things about it. What skin-type do you have? because i have oily skin so i'm not too sure if it is suitable~

    Thanks for sharing~ <3
    * Yingcbeauty *
    X x X x X

    1. Thankyou! I love effaclar duo! i think youre the first person i've heard that didnt enjoy it! My skin is pretty crazy, i have an oily t zone, and can get dry patches around my nose. I think as long as you powder any oily areas, silk creme gives a really nice glowy finish :) hope this helps :)