Friday 9 August 2013

My Brush 'Collection'

My Brush 'Collection'
I keep my brushes in this brush roll that came with the real techniques core collection

Up until about a year ago, I owned one brush that I used for eye shadow, and one old rubbish blush brush. Now, I wouldn't say I have a big collection, I pretty much have one of everything. Most of my brushes are the real techniques brushes, which aren't too expensive, but are incredible. 

I have the Real Techniques Core Collection (detailer brush, foundation brush, contour brush and buffing brush), the Expert face brush and the Stippling brush. I got my expert face and stippling brushes from boots and my core collection from Amazon. I'm sure you could find them all cheapest on Amazon, so I would recommend looking on there first. I think all of the RT brushes are amazing. They are really soft and I honeestly don't understand how I managed to do my make up without them! I DEFINITELY recommend them to everyone :) 

RT Stippling Brush and Expert Face Brush
RT Core Collection
I have a few elf brushes for eyes, and one random brush I stole from my nan which I use to blend out eyeshadow. None of these are particularly amazing, so I wouldn't really recommend them. Next, I think I want the real techniques starter eye brushes.
My eye brushes L-R: Random blending brush, Elf eye liner brush, elf smudge eye sponge, elf eyeshadow brush
I hope you all appreciate that i cleaned my brushes especially for you all! haha :) 

Overall, my favourite brush, (is it weird to have a fave brush?) if the real techniques stippling brush. This applies cream blush beautifully, and is also really good for foundation. I have enjoyed using it with the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation.

What do you all think of the Real Techniques brushes? What are your faves for applying your make up?

Hope you've enjoyed this post :)



  1. I randomly just stumbled onto your blog while I was looking for a review, I'm so glad I did as I really love your blog! I have 3 of these Real Techniques cases but I've yet to actually use them for anything, I must remember that I have them next time I go away somewhere!

    Sara - Pretty In Pink

    1. Ah thank you so much :) they are really useful! i took mine away on holiday, just kept them really tidy and all in one place :)

      Kelly xxx

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  3. I love the RT brushes, I was the same as you, I just had a few cheap brushes up until about a year ago and these brushes make such a difference to applying your makeup :) xxx

    1. i absolutely love them! just checked out your blog too! really enjoying it :)
      kelly xxx