Monday 12 August 2013

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Since the start of April, I have been trying to lose weight. I'm not going to lie about my weight, basically, my weight fell into the 'obese' category. Realising this, and seeing a photo of myself at my friends 21st, I decided to do something. 

This is the photo that made me want to do something about my weight
Obviously, for most girls, and guys too, weight and body image is a sensitive topic. So, for who ever is reading this, I want to be as open as possible about my weight loss journey. If any one else is trying to lose weight, hopefully we can all support each other :)

When I started trying to lose weight, I weighed 14 stone 2 pounds. I started doing the slimming world plan at the beginning of April. Slimming world is one of the easiest diets you could imagine. It's no quick fix, but it's maintainable, the kind of healthy eating you should be doing anyway. Now, as I type, around 4 months later, I weight 11 stone 13 pounds. I still have a bit to go, I think I would like to lose around another stone and a half. For me, it's not about getting to that target weight, it's more about getting to the point that I finally feel confident and happy with my body. 

This was me just before holiday, around 12 stone 9 pounds (I realise this is a very flattering angle haha)
My main motivation to lose weight was a holiday i went on in early June. By then, I had lost around a stone and a half. I felt so much more confident, and for the first time in 6 years, I

wore a bikini in public. This was a
massive achievement for me :) Since then, my weight loss had been slower, I guess nothing motivates you like a holiday!

This is me now, at 11stone 13 pounds
I hope this post wasn't too full on for you all. I just thought I would share something that has become quite an important part of my life. I realise I am not thin, and I never want to be 'thin' as such, just confident. Hopefully, if any one else is trying to do the same as me, we can help each other :)


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