Thursday 22 August 2013

What I Bought #1

What I bought #1

As a student, I have little to no money during the summer, so these posts will be few and far between! The other day I found myself alone in Boots, whoops! I was quite restrained, but I did pick up a few lipsticks! 

Revlon lips/nails are on 2 for £10 at the moment, so I decided to treat myself to 2 new lipsticks. A while ago, I accidentally ended up on the US Revlon websites, and saw an advert for the Suede Lipsticks. I then got very excited, followed by very upset when I realised I was on the US website! Boo! Long story short, I have recently realised we have finally got these lipsticks, so I picked one up in Couture. I haven't used it yet, but when I do, I shall report back! I also picked up one of the super lustrous lipsticks, in Berry Couture.(I think Revlon need to pick more varied names! haha) I am wearing this for the first time today, and I can report than after eating breakfast, it still remains on my lips!

I also popped into River Island. I had a couple if their above knuckle rings, but as all fake gold jewellery does, they went green! So I picked up a couple more. These were only £3 which I think is a bargain if you ask me! I'll make sure to paint the inside of these with clear nail varnish to make sure green fingers don't happen again! 

Hope you enjoyed this! I wish I could show you extravagant purchases, but no, just a few bits :) 

Have any of you tried these Revlon Lipsticks? What do you think?


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