Friday 17 January 2014

What I Bought (Got For Free) #6

What I Bought (Got For Free) #6

L-R: Skin Radiance Mask, Skin Radiance Moisturiser, Refining Skin Polish, Replenishing Face Oil, Pro Serum, Cleansing Balm.
For Christmas I got the You Beauty Advent Calendar from my grandparents. It was literally the most spoilt I have ever felt, opening 24 tiny beautifully formed presents from a lovely box. In one of the doors, were some Espa goodies (the Refining Skin Polish and Pro Serum), and a £15 voucher to spend on Espa, with no minimum spend. Now I do love a good freebie!

With the £15, I chose the nourishing cleansing balm in the 13g size. I'll admit, I did scowl at the thought of spending £15 on such a small size, but as it was technically free, I thought I could justify it. So far, I have noticed the product has a lovely texture and smells gorgeous, I'll report back on how good it is at cleansing my face!

Nourishing Cleansing Balm. £15 for 13g. 
Now the best part of Espa online is that you get four mini freebies with each order. I chose the skin radiance mask, skin radiance moisturiser, replenishing face treatment oil and 24 hour eye moisturiser. I wasn't too bothered by any of the body care samples, as I (along with most of the country) received more body creams and washes to last me a lifetime for Christmas! I've given my mum the eye moisturiser. I know I should be, but I am not too bothered by using eye creams, I don't feel the need for them, and my mum is always up for trying anti-aging products. Again, I'll let you know what I think of these when I've tried them, and whether I'll repurchase (though looking at the price tag, they would have to make me look like Scarlett Johansson for me to justiy it!).

Another thing I want to comment on is how beautifully the items were packaged! They came surrounded by purple paper confetti stuff (that's the best way I can describe it), and I was really impressed! 

Did any of you get the You advent calendar? What did you spend your Espa voucher on?


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