Sunday 19 January 2014

Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Mask

Review: Macadamia Deep Repair Mask

For Christmas from my parents I received a 6 month Birchbox subscription.As it was a gift purchase, it came with a box of free goodies worth over £50. One of the things I was most excited about was this, the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask. 

I'm not really massive on hair care, but seeing as I have recently had a hair cut, I knew that this time, I will take care of my hair, and attempt to stop as many pesky split ends as possible. I have used this three times, and I have to say, I am very impressed. Firstly, it smells gorgeous. Secondly, it looks cool, a sort of iridescent cream (I realise it's weird to enjoy this, but I am a sucker for anything that shines!) 

Most importantly, this does a really good job. I apply this just before I shower, after dampening my hair, and leave it for about ten minutes. Then just wash out and do my usual hair routine. This makes my hair so silky smooth and smelling gorgeous. 

The true test of knowing how good a freebie is, is whether you would repurchase it. The answer is yes, I would. It isn't too expensive, currently £7.45 on Amazon, which I definitely thing is worth it.

Also, given the Birchbox subscription, I'm going to do monthly reviews on what I think of it. I might be a bit late on the bandwagon each month, as my boxes will get delivered home, to my parents house, and I am currently living at uni, so I'll only get the boxes when I go back home. Better late than never though...

Have any of you tried this mask? What do you think?


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