Monday 21 October 2013

Naked Palette

Naked Palette

This is my new found love. I am so annoyed at myself that it has taken so long for me to buy this, Admittedly, £37 is a lot of money, however, for 12 eye shadows, an eye shadow brush, and a mini primer potion, I thought I could justify it! 

This honestly might be the most beautiful looking product I have ever owned (apart from the YSL lippy of course). All of the colours are lovely, and I have used them all already despite only owning this for 2 weeks. My favourite shades so far are Sin, Toasted and Hustle. I love how they blend in together. 

I bought the Stila in the Light palette last year in the hope that it would stop that feeling I had that I needed this. It didn't. I still felt like I needed the Naked palette in my life. I went for the Naked1 as opposed to the Naked2, just because I like the colours a bit more, and I also wanted to try the free primer potion. 

Have any of you got this palette? What do you think?

Naked Palette : 10/10 


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