Monday 29 July 2013

My Mac Lipsticks

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Mac lipstick's are everyone's fave. If I could afford it, I would own them all. They are unlike any other lipsticks I have tried. This post explains why I like/dislike my Mac lipsticks. Hopefully it can help some of you too :)

 l-r: ruby woo, girl about town, up the amp, morange, costa chic, please me, ravishing, shy girl.

Ruby woo
This is basically the perfect blue toned red. It’s a retro matte finish, which means it is the most lost lasting lipstick you will ever wear. I ate a steak, and this lipstick refused to budge. I've worn this on several nights out, without needing to reapply. Admittedly, it’s quite drying as are most matte lipsticks, but I find that using lip balm before and after wearing this helps a lot.

Girl about town
This is my newest edition, and probably one of the prettiest. I avoided bright pinks for a long time, I imagined they would make my teeth look too yellow. But, this is honestly a beautiful blue toned pink. Its an amplified finish, which means maximum pigmentation, and quite a long lasting formula.

Up the amp
This is another amplified finish  It’s a beautiful violet colour. Its unlike so many other colours, I don’t think I had seen a drugstore version of this shade when I bought it so I knew it had to be done, £14 gone. But it was so worth it.

This lipstick is not for those scared of brights. This is full on orange. Ill admit, I have has some odd looks. But I truly did not care. Its gorgeous, lasts forever on the lips and as a pale girl myself, I would say this looks really good on pale skin. Its an amplified finish too(can you tell they're my fave?!).

Costa Chic
For a while after I bought this, I avoided wearing it. I found the frost finish quite drying. However, that was in the winter, and I have been really enjoying this in the summer. It’s a beautiful coral, with slight shimmer. I don’t usually like shimmer or too much gloss on the lips but this lipstick kind of gets away with it.

Please Me
Ah, my first ever Mac lipstick. The first day I wore this, I applied it at 7am, and it was still in place at lunch time.  My friend was so amazed that she went and bought the same lipstick, and Please me was her first MAC lipstick too. And there began our obsession. It’s a matte finish, so like ruby woo, can be a little drying, but this feels more creamy on the lips.

This is my go to lipstick if I have a dramatic eye. It’s a gorgeous light peach orange colour. It’s a cream sheen finish which means its more moisturising that most other formulas but it doesn’t have the staying power. I found a good dupe was revlon's smoked peach matte lipstick, so I alternate these two if I want a peach lip. 

Shy Girl
This is my least favourite out of my mac lipsticks. Despite wearing it less often than the rest, I have used quite a lot up, because this needs to be constantly reapplied. It is a lovely nude, and is a cream sheen so its moisturing, but this lipstick confirmed to me that I am not really a nudes girl.
Swatched (on my slightly hairy arm) l-r: ruby woo, girl about town, up the amp, morange, costa chic, ravishing, please me, shy girl.

I realise 8 mac lipsticks is nothing to most people, but as a student, I feel a little pang of guilt every time I pay another £14. (I just checked. Since I last bought one, they have gone up to £15. MAC STOOOOOOP!) I decided to allow myself one new mac lipstick a month. So you will be updated each month on what I buy. (I cant promise it will only be one a month, but ill try).



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